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Before Your Session, We'll schedule a place and time that is best for you, preferably in-person, to discuss your desires, hopes, anticipations for your session and of course, that money thing. I want to know as much about you, your family, your equine, or your HS Senior. Be prepared I might have a bit of homework for you, including a client prep guide to send home. However, I promise not to take too much of your time, but this is my favorite part where I begin to obtain ideas to customize in creating and designing your session, learn what type of locations to explore, or simply in the studio, what colors and styles to suggest to match the decor of your home and/or office. In addition, it is my mission to serve you and make your experience to be more than just a nice time. I want it to be not only pleasurable but a unique experience that meets all your expectations. 


During Your Session ~ Anticipate approximately 90 minutes to photograph your session, although that might depend upon what type of session and what was discussed during the pre-consultation! Remember, relax because we are going to have fun, and I will take care of everything.


After your Session ~ We will meet two to three weeks after your portrait session to reveal the images that were captured. You'll choose which are your very favorites, I'll show what is mine and continue what was anticipated from the pre-consultation for your home, and for family. This is where the magic happens and of course, you've put a lot of time and effort into this important and momentous occasion, so I'll guide you in choosing the best products to showcase in your home and/or office in regards to your budget. "Printing today's images become tomorrow's treasured memories."